Monday, June 27, 2016

Cyclical Economics

At this time, in last decade of 20th century, this vision of Cyclical Economics may sound like a dream.  The scientific age is weakening and destroying the environmental balance day by day, and whatever was thought and done prior to scientific age only resulted in fragmentation of humankind based on race, skin color, caste, religion, belief, creed, nationality or language.  Human race that is divided into multiple sects cannot achieve universal human goal of resolution, prosperity, fearlessness and coexistence.  The alternative goal of undivided society and universal order shall require human being’s awakening in alternative social order, alternative legislation (law framework), alternative systems, alternative way of living, alternative way of thinking, and alternative way of seeing.

- An excerpt from translation of aavartansheel arthshastra by Shree A. Nagraj

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