Saturday, June 18, 2016

Balance of Earth

If we closely examine accumulation and hoarding activities by humans on Earth, we find their correlation with Trade and Technology.  Earth is the only resource for trade and technology with forests on its surface and minerals underneath.  Some of these minerals and forests are renewable (cyclical) while others are not.  For example, the forests and vegetation are renewable (cyclical) in the form of seed giving rise to tree and tree giving rise to seed.  Soil and stone transform into gems and metals, and gems and stones in turn transform into soil and stones.  The main point is - This Earth is Complete with its Environment.  The balance of its environment is balance of its atmosphere.  Balance of Earth is (manifested as) balance in its solid, liquid and gaseous matter.  The coexistence in solid, liquid and gaseous substances on Earth, their inseparability and complementariness is based on its Balance.  Earth’s Balance, and its compulsoriness, is self evident in the form of occurrence of human being on Earth.  Human being could not have occurred on Earth without its Balance.

Technological expansion - which started from expanding desires of consumer goods, communication and war material - is still pushing industrial effort in these three directions.  Fuel is central to industrialization.  Bulk of this fuel has been in the form of coal and oil.  It is well known how burning of these fossil fuels has adversely impacted Earth’s environment.  Consumerism demands large scale production of things, which in turn generates pollution.  Pollution is not acceptable to anyone.  This fact is brought into notice here because this is Sociology, and environmental balance is a compulsory aspect of social harmony.  Environmental Balance = Earth’s Balance = Balance in Minerals and Vegetation = Climatic Balance = Eternal Balance of Humans, Animals, Vegetation and Minerals.  If we look at the history of Science and assess net result of its endeavors in the form of polluted environment, we find that scientific method was never with the objective of Balance.  Initial scientists didn’t have any yardstick or criteria for Balance of Earth, while everyone sees the climatic balance on the daily basis.  Everyone sees how vegetation, plants and forests grow according to their geographical location and season.  This is the main issue.  The Earth’s Balance results in climatic balance, which in turn results balance in plant world and animal world.  If we see human activity with Earth, we are bound to think whether human being was balanced or not.  It has been mentioned earlier that scientific method doesn’t mention measure of Earth’s balance, and human being alone can recognize and determine this balance by thinking constructively.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Behavioral Sociology (Vyavharatmak Samajshastra) by Shree A. Nagraj. 

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