Sunday, September 27, 2015


Every human being claims that he can see...  And with this remains the aspiration to see some more!  Most people are struggling with this claim and aspiration of seeing in the purview of what can be seen through eyes.

The object of seeing, from the above idea, is all that is reflected on human eyes.  It is worthwhile to note that it is not possible to see the entirety of a reality through eyes alone and even with all senses put together.

A whole lot more than what could be seen through eyes comes into human imagination by listening to words or stories.  Conversely, what comes into imagination through these stories or words, does not come into the purview of eyes.  That is the moot point. 

All human beings have this issue.  Anyone can survey from those who have matured in finest meditation practices till the common folk.  The main point is - imagination is "more" than what eyes can grasp.  Also, imaginations cannot be seen through eyes.  This difficulty, more or less, is there with every human being.

The reason for this difficulty is our not having the correct definition of seeing.  So far it has been assumed that whatever can be seen through eyes, that alone is there to see.  Based on this assumption, human beings tried making powerful telescopes and microscopes, and with help of these claimed of having seen the macroscopic (distant planets) to microscopic (atoms) realities.  While eyes can't fully grasp even the 'form' of any reality.  The 'Wholeness' of a reality cannot be grasped through eyes.

Each reality is a 'inseparable whole' of form (roop), qualities (gun), nature (svabhav) and religion (dharma) - which is more than what gets reflected on eyes.  That which cannot be grasped through eyes, can be grasped by study (adhyayan) and realization (anubhav).

The definition, intent and purpose of seeing is only to understand (reality), and upon having understood imparting that understanding to others.

- Excerpt from Anubhavatmak Adhyatmavad (Realizable Spiritualism)

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