Monday, July 27, 2015

The Effect of Madhyasth Activity in Awakened stage

Human activities of illusion alone are responsible for starting the process of decline towards Earth's becoming unhabitable for humankind.  Awakening is a collective need of humankind and as a jeevan each human being accepts awakening.  For these two reasons, it has become imperative for humankind to move towards awakening and awakening-perfection.

In awakened stage, madhyasth activity (atma or nucleus in jeevan of an awakened human being), while maintaining jeevan's constitutional perfection, keeps working for expressing justice with equilibrium and regulation in, from and for undivided society, universal order and all round resolution, producing evidences (in human living) of having perception, discernment, ascertainment and realization (in coexistence).  This trust in eternal presence of coexistence is the grandeur of madhyasth activity.  Eradication of struggle and trust in coexistence are effects of madhyasth activity.  All these insights are in the form of bodh (understanding) of realization-evidence.  This understanding becomes universally accessible in awakened human tradition.

It is natural for justice and religion (all round resolution), as effects of madhyasth activity, to result into behaviour, and thereby authenticity becomes inevitable.

The state of activity perfection has grandeur of madhyasth activity (realization).

At the fundamental level the effect of madhyasth activity results in liberation from illusion through perspectives of weighing (evaluation in vritti) based on justice-injustice, religion-irreligion, truth-untruth; state where 'effort is restful'; natural evidences in human being's work and behaviour with realization-evidence in justice, religion and truth, which in turn confirms the purpose of realization.

In awakened stage, jeevan accepts the way it shall participate in the universal order.  This gets established in human tradition in the form of sanskar and upkar for all times to come - as understanding of purpose.  This is the state where "effort is restful".

- Excerpt from English Translation of Anubhavatmak Adhyatmvad

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