Thursday, July 30, 2015

Omnipotence (Brahman or Space) itself is Madhyasth

Omnipotence (Brahman or Space) itself is madhyasth in existence, because eternal presence of all matter (which exhibits madhyasth activity in all stages of its evolution) is only by way of its saturation in Omnipotence.  In this way, perfection of existence is eternally present in the form of coexistence.  Omnipotence is understood to be in perfect-state.  The grandeur of perfect-state is seen to be in the form of its permeability and transparency.  The permeability of Omnipotence in all sentient and insentient matter itself is the cause of matter's being soaked (in energy), and thereby powerful.  The effect of Omnipotence is in the form of its permeability in matter (thereby being powerful) and transparency (thereby having mutual recognition among units of matter).  It is possible for a human being to cognate (by way of apprehending) how the perfect-state Omnipotence is permeating all matter starting from an atomic particle until gigantic planets, resulting in their having radiance and activity, and at the base of which their being powerful from saturation in absolute energy (Omnipotence).

- Excerpt from English Translation of Anubhavatmak Adhyatmvad.

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