Sunday, July 26, 2015

Madhyasth Activity while in Awakening Progression

In awakening progression - with bondage (state of being constrained due to illusion) of wants, thoughts and desires - madhyasth activity (in jeevan of a human being) works for enlivening and controlling body while seeking pleasure, health or profit.  Along with this, feeling the pain from disorder (in and around oneself), perceiving the need of harmony (in and around oneself), and wanting to accomplish harmony (in and around oneself) emanates (in human being) only from madhyasth activity (in jeevan).  Therefore, it is only due to greatness of madhyasth activity that one gets attracted to the possibility of awakening (from study of Madhyasth Darshan).

The need of awakening in humankind is seen to be the grandeur of madhyasth activity only.  The source of fulfillment of this need is in madhyasth activity that has inexhaustible force and power of regulation.  The way of evidencing, using, and becoming fulfilled with madhyasth activity is seen to be in the form of universalizing knowledge of jeevan and holistic view of existence through methodical study or education.

It is only due to madhyasth activity that one has been expressing the need and compulsion for awakening in a spontaneous way.  The most significant fact is, all human beings now have the opportunity of studying the entire evolution process from material order until perfection of awakening in knowledge order, and thereby they could evaluate (assess) state of their own self.  The need and compulsion of study in, from and for awakening has been revealed before humankind.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Anubhavatmak Adhyatmvad

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