Saturday, July 25, 2015

Madhyasth Activity

The originality (true nature) of human being is in knowing (realizing), believing (keeping faith), recognizing (relating with) the madhyasth activity, its greatness and integrity; and then living (work and behaviour) accordingly.  Madhyasth activity, in itself, is recognizable as eternal source of natural state in all the orders of nature.  It is from this reference (of madhyasth) that one can recognize natural and excited states of jeevan working in knowledge order (humankind).  The natural state of human being is in expression of humaneness.  The acts and expressions of inhumaneness can be observed in the form of excited state of human being, as tendencies of struggle, war, exploitation, conflict and rebellion.  While definite conduct, judicious behaviour and harmony of humaneness is seen to be there in the form of resolved natural state of human being.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Anubhavatmak Adhyatmvad.

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