Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Destination of Emergence in Being

At the fundamental level, 'conduct perfection' is the destination of emergence in being, therefore upon realization in existence one testifies its eternal presence and stability.  The same realization then gets instilled in all activities of jeevan by way of inspiration - i.e. all activities of jeevan become inspired from realization that happened in atma (nucleus of jeevan atom).  The realization naturally entails fulfillment or bliss in atma, from which all activities of jeevan become inspired from that very instant.  In this way, whole jeevan (all parts of it) starts resonating with the realization.  Such fulfilled jeevan itself has been seen and understood to be 'divine self', 'liberated self' or 'awakened self'.  Therefore, awakening perfection is when all of jeevan's activities become according to madhyasth activity (realization).  Thereupon, positive and negative activities of illusion become nullified in jeevan.  Each jeevan thirsts for this state of fulfillment.  Therefore, humankind needs the tradition of activity-perfection and conduct-perfection.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Anubhavatmak Adhyatmavad

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