Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Space and Infinite

Human being studies natural evidences of Coexistence based on their needs from the vastness of their acceptances. This Study based on acceptances depends on human being’s need. The vastness of acceptances (knowing and assuming) in human being is about Omnipresent Space and Infinite (units of matter). On the basis of acceptances about Reality of Space and Infinite, one finds that Study of one unit begets assurance about form, qualities, intrinsic nature and religion of all such units. It is enough to test one drop for knowing what the whole sea is like. The answer of “how much” depends on one’s need. Human being’s need of measurement is also limited. Measurement is only about addition or subtraction, be it counting or weighing. Addition at one place means subtraction from another place. If we combine both there is no change (increase or decrease) in whatever is, and how so much it is. In this way, there is no increase or decrease in existence. Therefore, it becomes clear how we (human beings) determine the limits of our observation depending on our need. The addition and subtraction could go on from minus infinity to plus infinity. So far, humankind has got concept of Infinite to the extent that it is uncountable, while the Space has largely not been understood. Upon understanding Space I found the answer of Infinite. Understanding and Realization upon Study in the Inseparable presence of Infinite in Space is the basis of all round resolution in human being. In this way, each unit has its presence with its state (being) and motion (becoming). Presence means continuity of 'being' and 'becoming' as definite conduct. Definite conduct means to be “An Order with its Originality” (in State or Being) and “Participation in the Universal Order” (in Motion or Becoming).

- Excerpt from English Translation of Manav Karma Darshan

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