Thursday, June 4, 2015

Being and Becoming

Human being has expectation to evidence the state and motion of awakening for oneself and for all humankind as well. 

First of all we need to internalize the Principle that – “State and Motion are Inseparable”.  State means “being” (hona), and Motion means “becoming” (rahna). 

All that exists is as a state or being in existence and it is in continuous motion or is becoming.  An atom’s motion (becoming) too is based on its being or state.  A planet’s motion (becoming) too is based on its being or state.  All units of material world keep becoming or maintain their motion as activities of formation-deformation based on their being or state.  All plants too keep in continuous motion, in the form of their growing, based on their being.  All animal world is also in motion (is becoming) based on their being.  Human being also evidences awakening in becoming (as conduct of humaneness) on the basis of state of awakening (as realization in coexistence). 

In this way, all realities – eternal in existence in the form of coexistence - have presence in the form of state (being) and motion (becoming) in existence, with all states (beings) inseparable from all motions (becoming).  State is Power, and Motion is Force.  The way power and force are inseparable, state and motion are also inseparable.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Manav Karm Darshan.

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