Thursday, May 28, 2015

Relativity and Completeness

Relativity (sapekshta) is a mindset of comparison that overlooks completeness (sampoornta) in each unit. It is possible to respect and value each one only in their completeness. Only human being has the potential to do this. When human being appreciates completeness of each unit in coexistence then it becomes natural for them to become attentive to their own completeness. Conversely, the mindset of relativity is focused on comparison, where assuming oneself to be “bigger” than others and ensuring that others remain “smaller” becomes one’s need. This mindset itself results in all kinds of conflicts, revolts, exploitation and wars. On asking whether these situations are justified, everyone accepts that these are unjustified. In this way human being lives with contradiction. This contradiction itself originates uncertainty in thinking, which results in human being’s becoming victim of all kinds of frustrations and excitements, becoming distant from their normal state of being. Eventually one lands up with anti-social mentality and disorder in the form of uncalled for events. In this way, relativity proves to be completely unnecessary for humankind. This gives rise to need for its alternative as becoming endowed with evidence and hopefulness of normal state, stability and certainty along with definite plan of achieving it. This state is always close by for all human beings.

Evidencing Coexistence is the formula. It is to appreciate coexistence in each work, arrangement, disposition, endeavor, activity, behaviour, result and outcome. The one who appreciates is only human being. 

Human being’s becoming evidence by way of coexistence or by way of truth has been awaited for a very long time. This wait (expectation) has been in human being only. The fulfillment of this expectation, in the form of human being’s becoming evidence in their behaviour with humaneness, is from study of coexistence. For the same reason its inauguration became necessary. Coexistence itself is the ultimate truth

 - Excerpt from English Translation of Manav Karma Darshan

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