Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Reality of Brahman

The Absolute (Brahman) is the Reality in which all manifestations of coexistence are present with form, qualities, intrinsic nature and religion.  The Absolute (Brahman) is perceptible as empty space between units of matter, its cognizable aspects being permeability, transparency and omnipresence.  Brahman is cognizable only to human being of knowledge order. 

Brahman itself is not an activity while all activities are immersed, encompassed and soaked in it.  Brahman is madhyasth (centered).  It remains unaffected and untouched from the constructive, destructive and centering (sustenance or madhyasth) activities of matter.   

Brahman has no independent existence from matter.  There is no evidence of Brahman other than in coexistence with matter.  Each manifestation of coexistence is an evidence of Brahman’s presence.  Brahman is energy for the insentient nature (material order and pranic order).  The activity of atoms, molecules, cells, organisms evidences presence of Brahman as absolute energy that is continuously available to these.  Brahman is consciousness and knowledge for the sentient nature (animal order and knowledge order).  The conscious activity of ‘hope to live’ in animal world evidences the presence of Brahman as consciousness.  The conscious activities of hope, thought, desire, determination and authenticity in human being evidence presence of Brahman as knowledge. 

Brahman is the basis of universality in existence.  Brahman is inseparably and commonly available to all manifestations of coexistence, whereby reflection of universe is always there with each unit.  Each unit responds within its range of activities to the presence of other units around it based on its state of being.  This response is spontaneous (svayam-sfoort) as against being result of some activity or process within the unit after the other unit(s) came around it. 

The evidence of transparency of Brahman is spontaneous mutual recognition and response (svayam-sfoort pehchan aur nirvah) among units (manifestations of coexistence).  Awakened human being’s clarity as all round resolution is the ultimate evidence of transparency of Brahman.

The evidence of omnipresence of Brahman is definite conduct (nishchit acharan) of all units in all places and at all times.  Awakened human tradition as ten staged family based self organizing order would be the ultimate evidence of omnipresence of Brahman.

The evidence of permeability of Brahman is continuous activity in all units of matter.  An awakened person’s imparting comprehension of universal harmony to another person, by way of study, is the ultimate evidence of permeability of Brahman.

- based on Madhyasth Darshan

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