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The Chain of Being

Each of the four natural orders, and each specie and sub-specie within these, is a state of being (hona or sthiti) which is described by their form and religion.  Each state of being has its range of activities (rahna or gati) which is described by their qualities and intrinsic-nature. 

All states of being are inter-linked or inter-related as the chain of being (anukram) of a chronological evolutionary process (pragatan kram).  Material order, Pranic order, Animal order species and sub-species are there in this chain of being before the link of human being in its current state of illusion.  Human being in awakening state is the next link of this chain of being.   

We humans are part of this evolutionary process that has innate purpose of perfection.  This directionality for perfection is at the atomic level and that’s where we find the basis of evolution in existence.

The Chain of Being or the evolutionary process is in, from and for Coexistence – i.e. Matter saturated in Brahman.

In Coexistence, Development Progression (vikas kram) is as first link of the Chain, as the terra firma of evolution, which comprises of configurable atoms (gathansheel parmanu) that keep bonding and separating in definite proportions and circumstances and thereby manifest all of physiochemical world.  At the base of atomic activities in Development Progression there is effort for accomplishing Development (vikas) - as configuration perfection which has no scope for inclusion or expulsion of particles and its activity expresses Consciousness as Jeevan.  The transition (sankraman) from configurable atom to configurationally perfect atom is irreversible.

Development, therefore, is the second link in the Chain of Being.  Jeevan (configurationally perfect atom) makes a cloudlike shape (punjakar) in accordance with its hope to live.  Jeevan incarnates and starts controlling body of that shape by transmitting and receiving signals through brain.  A jeevan incarnates a body while it is still in the womb.  Jeevan expresses consciousness in animals and humans. 

Jeevan is immortal, being a configurationally perfect atom.  While body is mortal, being a physiochemical form of configurable atoms and integration-disintegration is their intrinsic nature.  Body dies after running the course of life – where it cohabits with jeevan.  Jeevan leaves the body, and reincarnates. 

Jeevan, a configurationally perfect atom, completely identifies itself with body and exhibits conduct according to specie in the animals, which is called as animal consciousness.  Consciousness evolves.  In animals, the evolution in consciousness becomes evident in the form of jeevan’s controlling more developed bodies in their next incarnation.  In humans, the evolution in consciousness becomes evident in the form of differences in intellectual levels.  However, until jeevan identifies itself with body its expression is not qualitatively different from animals and this living is ridden with conflicts, fears and sorrow – therefore it is still called animal consciousness.  The progression or evolution of consciousness is referenced from its perfection.  Awakening, as jeevan’s realization in coexistence, is the reference for the stages prior to it, as Awakening Progression (jagruti kram).  Awakening of jeevan is possible only in its human incarnation.  Realization in Coexistence demarcates Awakening Progression and Awakening  (jagruti), as second irreversible transition (sankraman) in the Chain of Being.  This transition is called activity perfection (kriya poornta).

Awakening is in the form of Conduct of Perfect Humaneness.  It is to live with values, morality and ethics that are based on understanding of Reality.  This paves the foundation for a self-organizing order (Swaraj Vyavastha) that evidences justice, resolution and truth.  This is expression of knowledge of coexistence, which is called as human consciousness (manav chetna)

The Continuity of Awakening is in the form of Tradition.  The tradition of awakening is by having evidences of knowledge in all dimensions of human living as self-organizing order (Swaraj Vyavastha).  (1) Education and Values (shiksha-sanskar), (2) Health and Discipline (svasthya-sanyam), (3) Justice and Conservation (nyaya-suraksha), (4) Production Work (utpadan karya), (5) Exchange Reserves (vinimay kosha).  In order to establish these systems, those human beings who have achieved realization, shall guide and inspire others from illusion to awakening.  This leads to expression of higher level of consciousness than human consciousness, i.e. godly consciousness and divine consciousness.

Continuity of Awakening as Divine Consciousness is the pinnacle of the evolutionary process in existence.  This becomes evident as Swaraj Vyavastha in the form of Undivided Society and Universal Order.  This is the third and final irreversible transition in the Chain of Being, which is called as Conduct Perfection (acharan poornta).

- based on Madhyasth Darshan

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