Friday, March 6, 2015

Existence is Truth

All that exists is Truth.  Truth includes all existence.  It wouldn’t be Truth, if it were to exclude some realities that exist or include something which is unreal (non-existent or fictitious). 

There are only two realities in existence – (1) Matter, (2) The Absolute.

Matter is a reality in the form of infinite units or activities.  Matter is also known as nature or prakruti.

The Absolute is a reality which is in the form of the omnipresent Space.   The Absolute is also known as Brahman.

The Absolute (Brahman) is in perfect state, i.e. it doesn’t undergo any change.  Matter is permanent or indestructible.  It is stateful, i.e. it moves from one state to next state.  Matter can undergo transformation, but annihilation of Matter is impossible.  Matter cannot ever turn into Brahman, nor can Brahman ever create Matter.  There is Stability in existence.  Existence has no increase or decrease.

“That which is there, shall continue to exist and that which was not there, doesn’t even exist.” 

Existence is eternal presence.   Likewise, Truth is eternal presence.

- based on Madhyasth Darshan

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