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Undivided Society and Universal Order

Humankind has been trying to make sense of themselves and the world around them ever since they came into being on this Earth.  History of humankind is nothing but a chronology of these efforts.  Madhyasth Darshan is but a link in this explorative journey of humankind.  It proposes - We humans are part of an evolutionary process in existence – where each level of harmony gives rise to next level of harmony.  The plant world (pranic order) evolved from the mineral world (material order), sentient beings (animal order) evolved from the plant world, and humans (knowledge order) evolved from animal order.  This directionality or purpose is inherent in nature – each stage having the seed for the next stage.  Also there is interdependence and relatedness in evolution stages - each stage being complementary for the previous stages and useful for the next stages.  This Earth has evidenced all four natural orders in the course of this evolutionary process.  Each order evolved and got established with continuity of its kind, evidencing harmony and definitiveness in their conduct.  However, all is not well…
While this definitiveness, harmony, interdependence is clearly evident in material order, pranic order and animal order – in knowledge order (humankind) we don’t see any definitiveness in conduct, nor is the human being seen to be evidencing their usefulness and complementariness.  This lack of definitiveness and harmony in conduct of human being itself is manifested as lack of trust among human beings, fragmentation in human society and discords in all human made systems.  It raises a serious question on the evolutionary process mentioned earlier.  How human being, who is projection of a harmonious evolution process, is not in harmony and doesn’t exhibit definitiveness in their conduct?

Evolution can be explained from the reference of its culmination into perfection.  The current human condition is far from perfect, even by common sense. Human Condition today is characterized by Meaninglessness, Alienation, Stress, Depression, Aggression, Unhealthy lifestyles, Breaking Families, Breaking Societies, Crimes, Violence, Corruption, Mindless Consumerism, Depleting Resources, Pollution, Climate Change, Ever increasing gap between Rich and Poor, Exploitation, Lack of Trust at all levels – between nations, between communities, between individuals, Terrorism, Fear of War... The list is endless.  There is now a question mark on humankind’s survival on Earth.  There can be whole lot of statistics given in support of these undeniable facts.

This only means, humankind needs to evolve further.  This evolution would be an evolution in consciousness.  Human being is a combined expression of jeevan and body.  While jeevan is conscious aspect, body is the physical aspect of human being.  The evolution of body has been completed.  Human body is adequate for expressing evolved consciousness, so there’s no need for its further evolution.  There is nothing superfluous in existence.  Humankind from its advent until now has been living in animal consciousness.  Human being can be in harmony only in human consciousness.  Evolution in human being’s consciousness can happen by way of education.  Human consciousness is that reference of perfection, which explains the links of evolution, including the link of animal consciousness.  Illusion is explained from the reference of Awakening.  Injustice is explained from the reference of Justice.  Problem is explained from the reference of Resolution.  Untruth is explained from the reference of Truth.  Imperfection is explained from the reference of Perfection.  The problems in the plane of Illusion do not have resolution within its own plane. 

Madhyasth Darshan envisions that reference of perfection for evolutionary process in existence is “Undivided Society and Universal Order”.   It is how humans would live in human consciousness. This living would be characterized by
·       Resolution at the level of individual,
·       Resolution and Prosperity at the level of family,
·       Resolution, Prosperity and Fearlessness at the level of society, and
·       Resolution, Prosperity, Fearlessness and Coexistence at the level of Universe.
Resolution, Prosperity, Fearlessness and Coexistence are present as purpose or directionality in the evolutionary process, even in the human beings who are living in animal consciousness.  These four are present as natural expectation or basic intention in each human being. 
From Natural Expectation to Natural Acceptance
Each human being, how so much ridden with conflicts, has natural expectation to become resolved or happy.  Each human family, how so much strained, has natural expectation to become resolved and prosperous or peaceful.  Each fragment of human society, whether traditional or modern, has natural expectation of becoming resolved, prosperous and fearless (or mutual trust) or contented.  Humankind collectively has natural expectation of resolution, prosperity, fearlessness and coexistence or blissfulness.  This natural expectation is the link for humankind’s further evolution to its destiny of undivided society and universal order. Consciousness development is a journey from natural expectation to natural acceptance.
The living or conduct of one who is living in human consciousness becomes inspiring for those who are living in animal consciousness.   For even in animal consciousness, one has expectation for such living – naturally!   Human being has the faculty of imagination, which has the ability of deciphering meaning.  Meaning in the form of realities is there in existence.  This is how; in the light of realization (of teacher) a student becomes able to identify the realities – making consciousness development through education possible.  Education is the link from animal consciousness to human consciousness.  Human consciousness is about living with natural acceptance.  Natural acceptance is the understanding of reality in its completeness based on realization in coexistence.  Human being manifests this understanding in their living as harmony and interdependence – as expected in the evolutionary process.  Undivided Society and Universal Order is a natural consequence of such awakened living.
Undivided Society

Undivided Society is about unification in humankind’s (all human beings) understanding.  We humans are fragmented or divided in wrong, and we are united or together in right.  Unity in understanding is to have empathy in the true sense. It is the state when my living is not in contradiction with living of other, and other’s living is not in contradiction with my living. It is not dissolution of “I” – but many “I”s becoming in synchronization. It is to be rooted in universal values of trust, respect, care, affection, guidance, gratitude, glory, reverence and love. Manifestation of these values itself would be the Culture of such society. Rootedness in these values would entail manifestation of Morality in Society – as Righteous Livelihood (sva-dhan), Righteous Marital Relationship (sva-nari/sva-purush), and Kindness in Work and Behavior (daya poorna karya-vyavhar).  Harmony in Society is unimaginable without morality that is based on understanding of humaneness.
Universal Order

Universal Order is implementation of holistic understanding in all dimensions of human living so that there’s continuity of awakening in the form of tradition. - i.e. (1) Education and Values (shiksha-sanskar), (2) Health and Discipline (svasthya-sanyam), (3) Justice and Conservation (nyaya-suraksha), (4) Production Work (utpadan karya), (5) Exchange Reserves (vinimay kosha).  Universal Order is about Ethical Living – which is righteous use and conservation of resources of body, mind and wealth.  Order goes hand in hand with Law – i.e. Law and Order.  Law or Constitution would define universal code of conduct for living with humaneness.  Order would implement the intent of Law. This Order would not be as Rule by centralization of Power, which is prevalent in animal consciousness.  Family is the first stage of harmony (or Order) of human living.  Each family is a unit with its members exhibiting a combined conduct for participation in larger Order.  It is only in a resolved family that the needs of human being become definite.  It is a resolved family that has the mindset that gives dignity of labor and deploys their labor for production activities and evidence prosperity.  The five dimensions of human living described above can be scaled to ten stages – as family, family-group, village, village group, district, district group, state, state group, nation and inter-nation.  The whole world can be living harmoniously with this universal code of conduct of humaneness – as ten staged family based self-organizing order (parivar mulak svarajya vyavastha).   It is only necessary to repeat here that such living is feasible only in the purview of human consciousness.  In animal consciousness, such living remains as an expectation.

Undivided Society and Universal Order is humankind’s destiny. Humankind today has become sick and tired of living in animal consciousness.  The clamor for change is becoming louder and louder, and no technological breakthrough of Science or any religious miracle is in sight that identifies the root-cause of current human condition and gives its remedy.  Both lines of thinking - Science and Tradition - have reached a dead-end.  Madhyasth Darshan, as alternative to both Science and Tradition, is a studiable proposal with evidences to rethink, reconsider, realize and become resolved.  We humans need to educate ourselves with understanding of natural laws of harmony in existence, and transition into human consciousness.  This can be done. 

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