Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Answer of "Who am I?"

“I am atma” in the illusionless state, because evidence of jeevan’s awakening is based only on realization (in atma). Upon realization – buddhi, chitta, vritti and mun also become identified and attuned with realization (in atma) – i.e. they become inspired and start functioning according to realization. In this illusionless state, “I am atma" becomes clearly evident. Each person can evidence this upon realization. Illusion is false sense of self, indicating ignorance. Deluded intellect itself is false sense of self. Deluded intellect, in reality, is buddhi that lacks comprehension of self. Incompleteness in research and exploration (in human tradition) had been the cause of this state of (ignorance in) buddhi. Despite being successful in materializing ideas, the root cause of human sorrow remained as it had always been. Human being, each man and woman, needs to produce evidences of realization in living for their mental health (conscious well being) and its continuity in the form of tradition.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Manav Anubhav Darshan

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