Monday, February 23, 2015

End of Slavery

Tribulation in mind itself is Slavery.  Tribulation indicates un-awakening.  Liberation from tribulations itself is trait of independence.

The sermons by realized ones are to become liberated from slavery.  These sermons are inspirational for human life and universal harmony.

Slavery is not a desire or ideal for anyone.

Sermon means instruction and elucidation for dispelling illusion methodically.

 Atma is ceaseless madhyasth (sustenance) activity.  It is free from decrease or increase, devoid of excitement, and is free from sorrow, attachment and illusion.  Therefore, buddhi in influence of atma (realization in coexistence), chitta in influence of buddhi (comprehension of harmony), vritti in influence of chitta (contemplation of reality), and mun in influence of vritti (analysis based on perspectives of justice, religion and truth) regulates human behavior and ensures their participation in universal orderliness.  In the absence of realization, human behavior and work is found to be controlled externally - which is slavery.  One who is slave tries to make others slave.  This slavery (being in external control) is in three forms.

1. Slavery of Behavior
2. Slavery of Work
3. Slavery of Thoughts

Until there is Slavery (external control) in Behavior – there is no evidence of Justice.  Until there is Slavery in Work – there is no evidence of Resolution.  Until there is Slavery in Thoughts – there is no evidence of Realization.

The prestige of atma (upon realization) is from its madhyasth (sustenance) activity.  This sustenance activity is manifested as resolution, resolution in turn gets manifested as justice, and justice itself is sustenance or coherence. 

Human being has the opportunity for realization.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Manav Anubhav Darshan

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