Friday, February 6, 2015


The uncommonness of knowledge of Brahman (The Absolute) does not mean it is non-abundant or it is not prestigious.  This uncommonness only indicates lack of competence (potential, capability, receptivity) in human being for its realization.

That which exists (is a reality) remains unharmed from human being’s not understanding it.  Human being develops Receptivity for Realization in Brahman by studying and practicing with knowledge of qualities, intrinsic nature and religion of realities in Existence.

Brahman itself is Truth, Coexistence itself is the ultimate Truth, Realization in coexistence itself is Resolution, Resolution itself is Coherence, Coherence itself is Bliss, Bliss itself Evidence of Realization.  Realization itself is the basis of evidence in behaviour and experiment of human being.  Coherence in Production is with understanding of Laws of nature, coherence in behaviour is with understanding of Laws of Justice, coherence in thoughts is with understanding of resolution and religion, and coherence of realization is evident in the omnipresence of Brahman.

Each state of matter – object, activity, composition and behaviour - is all the time busy for the purpose of development and awakening.  The existence of Brahman – The Absolute – is not bounded in place or duration.  Therefore, human being too undergoes refinement in their nature by way of comparison and inspiration in their successive expressions towards excellence (higher status of consciousness inspires lower status).

- An excerpt from Manav Anubhav Darshan

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