Saturday, February 14, 2015


The efforts for awakening continue in human being until realization is accomplished.  Also, insentient nature is not without the process of transformation and sentient nature is not without process of refinement.

A physical object exhibits qualities, a physiochemical composition exhibits transformation and change, and a sentient unit (jeevan) exhibits refinement in its hope, thought and desire.

Development Progression (effort in atoms for configuration perfection) itself is the cause of change and transformation in objects of material nature.  All the states of matter are as eternal presence of development progression, development, awakening progression and awakening.

The cause of change and transformation in qualities and configuration of material objects is their instability and imperfection.

There are many kinds of atoms (as many atomic types), which have also been discovered by physical sciences.

The sentient atoms are not found to be having change in their configuration.  Only insentient atoms undergo change in their configuration, qualities and composition (of which they are a part).

- Excerpt from English Translation of Manav Anubhav Darshan

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