Monday, January 26, 2015

Fear and Happiness

Fear is fundamentally present in current state of communal divisions in which human being wants to accomplish social harmony.  The way of removing fearful tendencies, intents and processes is irreversible transition to human consciousness by humankind.  It is clear that human being proves their essence (purpose) by acquiring qualities and behaviour as knowledge, wisdom and science through education that demarcates humaneness, super-humaneness and inhumanness.  Study of all aspects of social harmony becomes possible on basis of this demarcation of consciousness.

 The root cause (basis) of desire to find all human beings united is their religion (innateness), which is happiness.  All human beings are aspirants of happiness.  All human beings are trying for happiness.  All human beings want to experience happiness.  Awakened human tradition accomplishes this aspiration in a meaningful way.
- Excerpt from English Translation of Manav Vyavhar Darshan

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