Thursday, November 15, 2012

Consciousness Development

We humans have been living in animal consciousness ever since our coming into being on this Earth as a result of evolution.  Our lifestyles may be very different from animals, but our consciousness hasn't evolved.  We humans are not happy to be equated to animals.  We aren't happy merely in adopting lifestyles that are different from animals.  We want to evolve in a fundamental way, at the level of thoughts...

Appeals to "conscience" in our present level of consciousness are of little use, because we really have no conscience worth writing home about.  Like animals we have the ability to recognize cruel and un-cruel
behaviour.  What we have in addition to what animals have, is the faculty of imagination.  We humans can imagine, while animals can't.  All the "advances" of humankind - in terms of lifestyle, language, technology, etc - are only due to this faculty of imagination that every human being possesses.  It is with this faculty of imagination that we do all our reasoning and call some acts as justified, and some other acts as unjustified.

It is in human consciousness that one is rooted in the understanding of coexistence, wherein one is naturally capable of doing justice, of living ethically and morally.

Faculty of imagination is the only link for a human being for evolving from animal consciousness to human consciousness - proposes Madhyasth Darshan.  

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