Saturday, April 14, 2012

Consciousness Explained

What is consciousness? Human beings and other higher life forms exhibit conscious behavior. Madhyasth Darshan has evidence based proposals that explain consciousness. Let’s examine these proposals.

Jeevan is a conscious unit, a constitutionally complete atom (gathan purna parmanu), which is at the root of all conscious expressions. There are many jeevans. Jeevan is a special kind of atom, whose constitution has become fulfilled – and it has no possibility of imbibing or expelling any particles. Unlike other kinds of atoms (which are not constitutionally complete), jeevan does not exhibit weight or bonding. Consciousness, therefore, cannot be explained in terms of physics and chemistry.

There are four levels of consciousness which jeevan can express – animal consciousness, human consciousness, godly consciousness and divine consciousness. Animals and deluded human beings express animal consciousness – which is the state of being deluded. Delusion is: jeevan’s accepting itself to be body. Awakened human beings express human consciousness, godly consciousness and divine consciousness. Only human being has the possibility and need for awakening. Awakening is: manifestation of understanding of existence by jeevan in human living. Human being lives in conflict and misery until becoming awakened. Human being lives with resolution and happiness upon becoming awakened. The manifestation of delusion or awakening can be seen at individual level (one human being) or at collective level (many human beings).

Human being (and any living being) is a combined expression of jeevan and body. Body is a physiochemical formation. Jeevan controls body through brain for expressing and evidencing itself. Body is an instrument for jeevan. Body gets born, it ages, and it dies – while jeevan is immortal. Jeevan thirsts for happiness all the time, which gets manifested in human living. Jeevan expresses instinctual living in animals.

Conscious forces of jeevan are at five levels, which are: wanting, thinking, desiring, understanding, and realizing. The level of realization is central to jeevan. Awakening is realization centric expression of jeevan. Realization centric expression of jeevan is manifested as resolution or happiness in human living. Delusion is due to lack of understanding in jeevan. A deluded human being expresses wants, thoughts and desires in the expectation of happiness. In the absence of understanding of existence a human being seeks happiness (through wants, thoughts and desires) in sensory experiences, which becomes unsuccessful. This makes consciousness development (achieving human consciousness, godly consciousness and divine consciousness) a “need” in all human beings. This need can be fulfilled only through meaningful education. Meaningful education is that which can accomplish awakening in human being.

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