Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Assurance from Education

What assurance do we have from our education?  I was going through the advertisements of the schools and colleges recently.  Most of them directly or indirectly gave assurance for getting a job.  The teachers and students inside this education system seemed to be tired and listless.

Education is expected to prepare us for living in the outside world.  Also the condition of the outside world reflects state of our education.  If outside world is with flawed understanding then education has to be flawed understanding also - and it is a vicious cycle.  This vicious cycle can be broken only if correct understanding is inducted into present education.

We need to come together for agreeing on what is 'correct understanding'.  We can't take definitive strides for  changing the course unless we have many teachers who are rooted in this understanding.  Madhyasth Darshan is a proposal for this understanding.

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