Saturday, March 10, 2012


When I thoroughly understood existence, jeevan and conduct of humanness – immediately afterwards I achieved the state, which I am going to describe before you. After achieving the understanding of existence I got confidence in myself. I didn’t have to make any additional effort for this. I started scrutinizing this self confidence in every aspect of my living. In the same way I achieved the ability of respect for excellence. One naturally gets respect for excellence as a result of being able to assess excellence. What we cannot assess, we cannot respect as well. Third, I could comfortably arrive at balance in whatever understanding I had achieved with my personality. I did not feel any difficulty anywhere in living according to my understanding that is aligned with orderliness of existence and jeevan. I named it – balance in talent and personality. I proved true to this. Fourthly, I achieved sociability in behaviour. As a result of becoming sociable I started getting fulfilment in myself. Its benefit was that I was not left with any complaints with the world. Now I keep scrutinizing how meaningfully I live in this world. Fifth accomplishment is – prosperity. I was born in a hard working family and I knew doing hard work and serving others (seva). But earlier the meaning of prosperity was not clear to me. Now I understood the meaning of prosperity. I can produce more than the needs of my family, therefore I experience prosperity. In this way, I achieved all these wonderful things with understanding. I called this – self-reliance. The way I became self reliant, so can you. When I became self-reliant, then I felt that I have something to offer to this world, I can make people understand, I can talk about it. Therefore I started documenting my understanding. First document was – Madhyasth Darshan Sah-astitva-vaad.

- From "Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya" by Shree A. Nagraj (Translated in English)

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